Los Angeles Psychologist On Ways to Have a Great Summer

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 As the seasons change you find yourself depressed, sad, and/or anxious. When you’re struggling with your mental health, you need to seek help of a Los Angeles psychologist like Dr. Yvonne Thomas for virtual counseling or in-person counseling in Los Angeles. 

With decades of experience, she can help you to develop the kinds of coping mechanisms that can empower you to live how you want regardless of the weather. Below are some of her tips for feeling better this summer. 

Make Your Expectations for Summer Reasonable 

As the season shifts, many individuals may be rejoicing, exclaiming, “Finally, the warmth I’ve been longing for is here!” Simultaneously, there might be others musing, “Why am I confined within this office while the sunbeams so brilliantly outside?” The harsh reality of life’s duties, it would seem. It is understandable that this can be frustrating sometimes.

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That can be a lot of pressure to have “the best summer ever,” or something similar to that. Try something new. Or, consider some leniency to adjust your routines slightly. Perhaps stepping out from work a bit earlier on a Friday to savor the sunlight at a local park or bask under the sun at a beach. What isn’t always within one’s control is how their bodies naturally respond to these seasonal changes.

It’s common to feel a bit more depressed when spring becomes summer or, really, when there’s any seasonal change. It is commonly observed that clients report a decrease in emotional wellness during these seasonal shifts. At the same time, there are clients who express feelings of sudden joy and heightened moods during summer. 

While this mood enhancement can serve as an energizing break following the dreary winter and the spring downpours, it can also be difficult when the urge to relish in the open air and the incessant yearning to engage in limitless outdoor activities becomes overwhelming. 

Reality check: it is not possible to do everything. That can make your anxiety worse, trying to do everything you could want and failing to do so. A good idea: make a list. Make a list of what you want to do this summer. Then, stick to it. Make it happen.  

Make Sure “Get Enough Sleep” is On Your Summer To-Do List, Too 

Significantly impacting overall health, sleep patterns warrant careful evaluation. Scrutinize your sleep habits. Are you sleeping excessively? Or, are you maybe sleeping insufficiently? Is there an increased frequency of naps? Or perhaps, are you sacrificing sleep to partake in late-night summer activities? 

That’s fine once in a while, when there’s something particularly fun and/or important going on, sure. But, doing it time and time again can wear you down. 

Balance in sleep schedules is vital to avoid summer fatigue. Remember: as age progresses, recovery speed decreases. Disrupted sleep patterns can induce lethargy, hampering alertness and effectiveness in day-to-day tasks. Of course, a lack of sleep can exacerbate your depression and anxiety as well. 

Hydrate Properly All Summer Long 

Adequate hydration is always important, but particularly so during the sweltering Southern California summer. “Hydration” does not imply escalating coffee, beer, or soda consumption. Instead, it’s about abundant water intake, especially during seasonal changes (or heat waves). Optimum hydration allows the body to adapt more efficiently to elevated temperatures and increased activity levels. For those with a preference for alcohol or caffeinated beverages, upping water intake becomes all the more essential. 

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It’s important to maintain balance this summer. Practice self-love and lean on the community for nourishment and support. After all, the ultimate goal in every season should be to achieve comprehensive well-being, encompassing the physical, mental, and social aspects. Remain open to change, be flexible with routines, and remember to heed your body’s signals. No matter what season it is, therapy can help. Schedule a free consultation with Dr. Thomas through the site or by calling.